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(Primer - Level Six)
John W. Schaum - Schaum Publications Inc

(Primer - Level Six)
John W. Schaum - Schaum Publications Inc
, Fingerpower offers short, progressive technic exercises for students of all ages.  Equal attention is given to both hands. The series may be used with all piano and keyboard methods.  The Primer book, at the elementary level, features exercises employing blocked and broken thirds, easy thumb crossings, legato and staccato, melody and accompaniment, sharps and flats and simple cross hand patterns.  The exercises in Level 1, at the late elementary level, feature blocked and broken triads; broken thirds, fourths and fifths; legato and staccato; phrase development; rhythmic variety and 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures.  Level 2, at the early intermediate level, covers ascending and descending trills, chords, chromatic scales, contrary motion, thumb crossings, hand expansion, 6/8 time, syncopation and wrist rotation. Level 3, at the intermediate level, covers chord inversions, hand stretching, interlocking hands, legato thirds, sixteenth notes and rests, and sustaining each of the five fingers in both hands. Level 4, at the late intermediate level, covers chromatic hand contractions, finger expansion, grace notes, legato triads and thirds, scales in contrary motion, thumb passages, tremolo and two-octave arpeggios.  Level 5, at the early advanced level, covers arpeggios in parallel and contrary motion, ascending and descending broken octaves, diatonic and chromatic octaves, finger repetition, legato sixths, and sustained octaves and thirds with tremolo.  Finally, Level 6 at the advanced level, offers major and minor scales and arpeggios in all keys, melodic and broken chord patterns, chromatic broken chord inversions, major preludes in all keys and minor preludes in all keys.
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