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Patty Carlson - Piano Logic

Patty Carlson - Piano Logic
This DVD is for absolutely anyone who wants a quick and thorough course on how to play the piano by ear.  Patty Carlson is the award-winning teacher. She efficiently teaches, in brilliantly simple terms, what she calls "The Numeric Language of Music."  With this DVD, you'll be able to start playing the piano by ear within minutes! The pace is appropriately fast and has been proven to work for a wide range of ages and musical abilities. Whether you're a child or an adult, a musical novice or a seasoned musician/teacher who only plays what's on the written page, this course will get you playing the piano by ear within minutes. Many styles are covered including popular, country, blues, and classical. You'll gain a fabulous understanding of music theory and be better prepared to tackle the next step in your musical development, whatever that may be. 153 minutes.
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