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Harry T. Burleigh - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Harry T. Burleigh - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.
, Harry T. Burleigh set the standards for Negro Spiritual arrangements, and this is arguably the finest small collection to be found. Since everyone has heard these melodies before, Burleigh has made each piece come alive through the accompaniment. The tempo and the melodies are the same you have heard for years; it's the accompaniment that makes them fresh. Well-suited for recital, you will find a lot of these suitable for church as well. Contains 12 classics including: Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray; Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit; Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen; Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child; Wade in the Water; Were You There; By an' By; De Blind Man Stood on de Road an' Cried; De Gospel Train; Deep River; Stan' Still Jordan and Weepin' Mary.
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