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Various Artists - Hal Leonard Corporation

Various Artists - Hal Leonard Corporation
Enjoy uplifting and transformational songs from some of today's most well-known New Thought artists and songwriters, including Daniel Nahmod, Faith Rivera, Stefan Mitchell, Devotion, Harold Payne, Michael Gott, Karen Taylor-Good, Martin Kerr and more than 60 others. There are many events promoting peace, environmental healing and self-awareness worldwide where these same songs are offered, including sing-along and call-and-response chants, rock, jazz, country styles, and memorable, emblematic ballads, promoting peace, love, and inspiration!
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  • Abundance
  • All is Well
  • All the Good
  • All These Atoms
  • Allowing
  • Amazing Things
  • Angels
  • As I Surrender
  • Be Still and Know
  • Called to Be
  • Center of Creation
  • Child of This Universe
  • Closer to the Light
  • Do All You Can
  • Do What You Love
  • Down in My Soul
  • Dust
  • Everybody's Got a Smile
  • Everyone
  • Everything Changes
  • Everything New
  • Expect the Best
  • The Face of God
  • Fearless
  • Feelin' Tomorrow Shine
  • Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Give It All Away
  • God in Everything
  • God Is
  • God is Holding Me
  • God Makes Me Wanna Sing
  • Grateful
  • Hands of Grace
  • I Always Know What I Need to Know
  • I Am
  • I Am Alive with the Spirit of God
  • I Am One
  • I Am Remembering
  • I Am So Blessed
  • I Am the Thinker
  • I Choose Joy
  • I Do
  • I Surrender
  • I Understand
  • I Walk Away
  • I'm Here to Remind You
  • If I Were Brave
  • Illuminate
  • In the Silence
  • In This Moment
  • It Starts in Your Heart
  • Join Together
  • Lean into Me
  • Let It Go
  • A Light in This World
  • Listen
  • A Little Bit of Heaven
  • Love is My Decision
  • Love Is Who I Am
  • Message
  • My Good
  • My Religion is Kindness
  • My Soul Sings Out
  • No Complaints Whatsoever
  • One People
  • One Power
  • Our Thoughts are Prayers
  • Path of Light
  • Peace is Every Step
  • People of the Earth
  • Perfect
  • The Power
  • Raise It Up
  • Remember to Breathe
  • Right This Moment
  • Rise Up
  • Share the Dream
  • Something's Calling Me
  • Spirit Divine
  • Stand Together
  • Strength of Love
  • Teach me How to Love
  • There is Nowhere God is Not
  • There is Only Love
  • There is Only One Mind
  • There is Only One of Us
  • There's a Healing Going On
  • Through Me
  • Treat and Move My Feet
  • Undiscovered Geniuses
  • We All Pray the Same
  • We Are All One People
  • We Are One
  • We Belong Together
  • We Come Together
  • Welcome to the Temple
  • Wholly Ground
  • With a Little Bit
  • Work of Heart
  • A World Awakening
  • You Are the Light