Washington Winds/ Edward Petersen, cond. - Walking Frog Records

Includes: Tailspin! (Romeyn); Heartstrings (Conaway); Apex (Glover); Fanfare and Triumph (Swearingen); On a Snowy Winter's Eve (Shaffer); Legend of the Queen Anne's Revenge (R.W. Smith); Countdown (Neeck); The First Breath of Spring (Huckeby); Festive Flourish (Shaffer); The Witch and the Saint (Reineke/arr. Conaway); Celtic Bell Carol (R.W.Smith); Trumpet Shout-Out (Neeck); Colors of Fall (Romeyn); Phoenix Overture (Yeo); Marauders on the High Sea (Neeck); The Avenger (King/arr. A. Clark); Exclamations (Huckeby); I'll Love My Love (arr. Hawkins); Santa and the Blizzard (Romeyn); Truckin'! (Harburg).