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Woody Guthrie - Hal Leonard Corporation

Woody Guthrie - Hal Leonard Corporation
Every 100 Years is a compilation of 100 Woody Guthrie songs that run the gamut from work songs, love songs and union & protest songs, to topical songs and children's songs. The book features his classics such as: This Land Is Your Land; Jesus Christ; Do Re Mi; Pretty Boy Floyd; Roll On Columbia; Pastures of Plenty; Deportee; Riding in My Car and more, as well as hits from the next generation of Guthrie co-authors: California Stars; I'm Shippin' Up to Boston; The Jolly Banker; Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key; Hoodoo Voodoo; Ease My Revolutionary Mind; Ingrid Bergman; My Peace; Mermaid's Avenue; Happy Joyous Hanukkah; Every 100 Years and many others. Includes a preface from Howie Richmond, founder of The Richmond Organization - Guthrie's publisher.
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Full Song List
  • Against th' Law
  • Airline to Heaven
  • All You Gotta Do is Touch Me
  • Another Man's Done Gone
  • Bad Reputation
  • Be No Church Tonight
  • Been Down the River Too Long
  • Belle Starr
  • Better World
  • Birds and Ships
  • Cadillac Eight
  • California Stars
  • Chain of Broken Hearts
  • Christ for President
  • Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
  • The Debt I Owe
  • Deportee Plane Wreck at Los Gatos
  • Do Re Mi
  • Don't Kill My Baby and My Son
  • Ease My Revolutionary Mind
  • Einstein Theme Song
  • Every 100 Years
  • Folksong
  • God's Promise
  • Gonna Get Through This World
  • Hangknot, Slipknot
  • Hanuka Dance
  • Happy Joyous Hanuka
  • Hard Work Woody's Rag
  • He and She
  • Heaven
  • Hesitating Beauty
  • Holy Ground
  • Hoodoo Voodoo
  • Hoping Machine
  • I Ain't Got No Home
  • I Hear You Sing Again
  • I'm Shipping Up to Boston
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • I've Got to Know
  • Jesus Christ
  • Joe DiMaggio Done It Again
  • Jolly Banker
  • King of My Love
  • Ladies Auxiliary
  • Listening to that Wind that Blows
  • Ludlow Massacre
  • Mermaid's Avenue
  • My Flying Saucer
  • My New York City
  • My Peace
  • My Thirty Thousand
  • New Multitudes
  • New Star
  • Ninety Mile Wind
  • Old LA
  • One by One
  • Orange Blossom Ring
  • Pastures of Plenty
  • Peace Call
  • Peace Pin Boogie
  • Philadelphia Lawyer
  • Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Ramblin' Reckless Hobo
  • Ranger's Command
  • Remember the Mountain Bed
  • Roll On Columbia
  • She Came Along to Me
  • The Sun Jumped Up
  • Sweetest Angel
  • Talkin' Subway
  • There's More True Lovers Than One
  • This Land is Your Land
  • This Morning I am Born Again
  • This Train is Bound for Glory
  • Ticky Tock
  • Two Good Men
  • Union Maid
  • Union Prayer
  • The Unwelcome Guest
  • Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key
  • Wild Card in the Hole
  • Woman at Home
  • World's on Fire
  • Your Sandal String
  • Bigger
  • Bling Blang
  • Don't You Push Me Down
  • Dry Bed
  • Go Waggaloo
  • Howdi Do
  • I'll Write and I'll Draw
  • Little Bird Baby Birdy
  • Little Sacka Sugar
  • Little Seed
  • Mail Myself to You
  • Put Your Finger in the Air
  • Race You Down the Mountain
  • Riding in My Car
  • Sleep Eye