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Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions

Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions
Publisher Desc.  Liszt's regimen for reviving his technique, the chordal delineations used by Theodore Leschitizsky, a complete Alberti bass catalog, triad and four-note triad playing in chord and arpeggio forms, with fingerings and stylistic traits of oft- played composers. Octave passages using the methods and fingerings of Cziffra and Horowitz. Also, a NEW fingering system for ALL diatonic scales, utilizing a Thumbs-Together approach, ala' Sandor's theory, with just TWO simple rules for ALL keys. AND, a Universal Parallel Interval fingering system as well. Advanced level, but use of this book will raise a player to the advanced level from an intermediate one!
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