Claude Debussy/arr. Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions

Publisher Desc. Images book One, in three mvnts. Reflets dans l'eau, Reflections in the Water, calm opening and closing with repeated octaves and fifths in middle. Hommage a la Rameau, quiet music in G# minor, with large chords, and triplet arpeggios. Wholetone scale used throughout. Mouvement, a fast closing piece with continuous triplets in either hand. Some chords re-distributed between the hands, some limiting of octave leaps, fewer ties and more clarity as to when each musical event begins, and less concern with how long a chord lasts. Original key, full-length. See the entire GateWay catalog for more than 200 titles of famous music in this series and format, more added each week distributed by J.W. Pepper. catalog.
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