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Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions

Michael Butkus-Bomier - Gateway Editions
Publisher Desc.  The first truly modern composers were the Frenchmen Erik Satie and Claude Debussy. Here is a set of three minimalist pieces dedicated to their memory and to how they changed music. Satie was a musical pattern-maker and so he made a suite of three short pattern pieces called Next-To-Last Thoughts whereby he paid homage to three of his French contemporaries. I follow this tradition.  The Debussy piece uses contrasting arpeggios to create shifting contexts in which to hear the octave melody. There is a wholetone section of course! The Ravel uses some of his favorite chords and has a slow fade to very soft  the opposite dynamic of his anti-music composition Bolero. The Milhaud uses augmented major-seventh chord arpeggios and bi-tonality throughout as Darius would have done. Medium not that difficult due to the repetitive nature of the style. Tempos range from a bit quick to adagio.
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