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Charles-Louis Hanon/arr. Michael Bomier - Gateway Editions

Charles-Louis Hanon/arr. Michael Bomier - Gateway Editions
Publisher Desc.  A NEW version of an old favorite, with THREE important changes. ALL the exercises are now 100% symmetrical, giving the same fingers on each hand the same work, up and down. Secondly, all the studies are TRANSPOSED to all 12 keys, just like they used to do in the Russian Conservatory back in the days of Anton Rubenstein and Rachmaninoff. Thirdly, the instructions are now updated to reflect the most modern bio-mechanics of piano-playing, as espoused by Georgy Sandor and others.    Play them in any register, high or low. All exercises are one octave up and back down. R.H.fingerings above, L.H. below the music. Parts Two and Three are also available, with the same editorial changes.
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