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Scott Joplin / Michael Bomier - Gateway Editions

Scott Joplin / Michael Bomier - Gateway Editions
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A selection of the most well-known, the most playable, and the most harmonically and melodically rich compositions of that Missouri Music Master, Scott Joplin. His rhythmic subtlety and compositional genius are here displayed in 13 full-length pieces, all in the original keys. Some long tones have been truncated so as to provide greater clarity about the entrance of the next gesture. "The Entertainer" is the only piece that has been edited for difficulty, mainly using 6ths rather than octaves and thirds for the first theme. All other pieces are 100% original notes. Each section has its OWN page, no repeats over a page turn! AND, the new typesetting is wonderfully clear and bold compared to the public domain originals so commonly seen. Audio is "The Entertainer," in its edited form.

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