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Howard Shore - Alfred Music Publishing

Howard Shore - Alfred Music Publishing
These popular arrangements from the hit motion picture are not only meant to be played as solos, but they are completely compatible with the other brass and woodwind books in the series for play-along fun! Each book contains a carefully orchestrated MP3 CD, with both demo tracks and a play-along track for each song. In addition, PDF documents are included with specially designed piano accompaniments playable by a teacher or an intermediate piano student for the ultimate playing experience! Due to considerations regarding keys and ranges, the arrangement in the wind instrument series are not compatible with the string instrument books. Titles include: My Dear Frodo; The Adventure Begins; Warg-Scouts; Song of the Lonely Mountain; Dreaming of Bag End; A Very Respectable Hobbit and more!
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Full Song List
  • My Dear Frodo
  • Old Friends
  • Axe or Sword?
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Warg-Scouts
  • A Good Omen
  • Song of the Lonely Mountain
  • Dreaming of Bag End
  • A Respectable Hobbit
  • Erebor
  • The Dwarf Lords