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How can you go wrong with Handel, Greene, Stanley, Purcell, Vivaldi, Zipoli, Fischer, Krieger, Pachelbel and more? This great collection will become a staple in your library. Useful for concerts, worship services, weddings, and funerals. Titles include: Fugue in C (Handel); Fugue in D (Pachelbel); Adagio (Vivaldi) and more.
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Full Song List
  • Voluntary in a by Anonymous
  • Voluntary in a by Maurice Greene
  • Adagio (from Organ Concerto in F) by G. F. Handel
  • Flute Solo and Gigue (from Sonata for a Musical Clock) by G. F. Handel
  • Fugue in C (#1) by G. F. Handel
  • Fugue in C (#2) by G. F. Handel
  • Voluntary in C by Henry Heron
  • Voluntary in G by Henry Heron
  • Fanfare in C by Henry Purcell
  • Voluntary in D by William Selby
  • Voluntary in d/D by John Stanley
  • Voluntary in e by John Stanley
  • Offertorio Pastorale by Anonymous
  • Dialogo per Organo (from L'organo suonarino) by Adriano Banchieri
  • Adagio (from Concerto in a) by Antonio Vivaldi
  • Verso in d by Domenico Zipoli
  • Verso in e by Domenico Zipoli
  • Verso in g by Domenico Zipoli
  • Toccata all' Offertorio by Domenico Zipoli
  • Praeludium in G by Johann Kaspar Fischer
  • Praeludium in g by Johann Krieger
  • Fantasie in d by Johann Krieger
  • Fugue in C by Johann Pachelbel
  • Fugue in d by Johann Pachelbel
  • Praeludium in a by Johann Pachelbel
  • Toccata in F by Johann Pachelbel