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Mark Burrows - Shawnee Press

Mark Burrows - Shawnee Press
In Mark Burrows' follow-up collection to his top-selling "Gettin' Down with Mama Goose," ten more rhymes are set to fresh original melodies in a variety of styles that students will love. Along with music and reproducible parts, there are three activities for each song, ten activities for learners with special needs, and Orff instrumentation for three of the songs. Historical information is also included for each familiar rhyme. Songs include: The Itsy Bitsy Spider; Little Lamb Limbo; Shoe-Shoe Sha-Boogie; Peas Porridge Hot!; Boy Blue; Los Pollitos Salsa; Sixpence; Rub-a-Dub; Little Jack Horner; Rock-a-Bye Baby.
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