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Neuratron - Avid Technology

Neuratron - Avid Technology

PhotoScore Ultimate 7 is a powerful scanning program designed to read handwritten and printed music scores. It picks up virtually every detail and even recognizes guitar tablature and percussion staves. Its easy-to-use automatic scanning and score recognition, plus licensed Sibelius-style editing interfaces, make PhotoScore Ultimate 7 fun and exciting to use! PhotoScore Ultimate 7 reads virtually all markings in printed and handwritten music, including:

  • 64 staves per page.
  • 400 pages per score.
  • The format of the page, including the page size, staff size, margins, and where systems end.
  • 5-line staves (normal and small), 4 and 6 line guitar staves, 1, 2 and 3 line percussion staves.
  • Notes, chords (including stem direction, beams & flags) and rests (including multirests) in up to 4 voices per staff.
  • Appoggiaturas (grace notes), cue-sized and cross-staff notes.
  • Accidentals and articulation marks.
  • Clefs, key signatures, time signatures.
  • Slurs, ties and hairpins.
  • Text including lyrics, dynamics, fingerings, instrument names, tempo and technique markings.
  • Guitar chord diagrams.
  • Various other markings such as codas, segnos, ornaments, pedal markings and repeat endings.

Also available: The Photoscore Ultimate 7 and AudioScore Ultimate 7 Bundle!

AudioScore allows you to create scores from MP3s and CD tracks! Convert up to 16 instruments or notes playing at a time into multiple staves, with up to 4 voices per staff. You can send the results directly to Sibelius or save MusicXML, NIFF and MIDI files for use in most other music notation programs.

AudioScore recognizes:

  • Styles ranging from chamber music to jazz & pop.
  • A wide range of music performed by non-percussion instruments.
  • All pitches ranging from F0 to C8.
  • The instrument performing each note.
  • Notes and rests as short as 32nd notes.
  • Triplets, duplets, key signatures and clefs.
  • Pitch and volume changes at a resolution of 0.01 seconds
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