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Bonnie Rideout - Mel Bay Publications Inc.

Bonnie Rideout - Mel Bay Publications Inc.
The fiddle has been popular in Scotland for over 500 years as an accompanying instrument for dance and song. Bonnie Rideout has been playing traditional Scottish fiddle music since the 1980s. This collection presents favorite tunes which Bonnie had stashed away over the years while awaiting the perfect opportunity to record them. The music written here ranges from J. Scott Skinner's Dr. Gordon Stable (a wonderful fiery reel she once played to garner her first national fiddling title as a young teenager), to Fear A Bhata (a heartbreaking air she has known as long as she can remember). These Scottish fiddle selections have been carefully transcribed from Bonnie's recording Scottish Fire. It would be impossible to write down all her bowings and every grace note, especially since they are not always consistent from one playing to the next. Readers should use this book as a basis for exploring their own voice within the music. This package includes the CD.
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