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Jay Hungerford - Mel Bay Publications Inc.

Jay Hungerford - Mel Bay Publications Inc.
This book is designed to help bassists create beginning to advanced walking patterns that can be used in jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, Latin and country music. By explaining the basics of intervals, chords and scales, the author builds a framework for understanding bass line patterns. Then the book presents one and two-measure patterns that can be used in playing the blues, rhythm changes, the II-V-I progression, and 20 popular jazz standards. The book is written in standard notation with chord symbols. The CD gives you the opportunity to play with one of the finest rhythm sections around. Since the examples in the book are presented both with sample bass lines and as chord progressions only, you can either follow along with the bass or practice your own lines with the CD as your accompaniment.  
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Bass Guitar Book with Online Audio Access 

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