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Alfred Music Publishing - Alfred Music Publishing
This program features three unique sections: Pitch Training, Sight-Reading, and Rhythm, and is designed to enhance your recognition of intervals, chords, and scales; improve your ability to sight-read; and prepare you for various types of rhythms. The self-paced program responds instantly to your actions, helping you quickly identify strengths and weaknesses. With multiple levels to choose from and the ability to customize your own level, Alfred's Interactive Musician gives you complete control over the content and difficulty of the program. Also effective in a classroom setting, teachers are able to create assessment tests that are scored electronically and have immediate access to student progress. Students work at their own pace, while the teacher sets up guidelines for the student to follow. Drills are randomized, so exercises may be played over and over without duplicating material. Immerse yourself and your students in a stimulating environment for developing musicianship with Alfred's Interactive Musician!
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UPC: 2313780000000     Publisher ID: 23137Y
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System Requirements
System Requirements
Windows: Windows 95B/98/ME/NT/2000/XP; Pentium processor or equivalent; 32 MB RAM; 35 MB hard disk space; 640 X 480 , 16-bit (Hi Color) display; CD-ROM drive for installation; Mappable Network Volume (Network version only) *****Mac:   Mac OS 8.x; PowerPC 603 processor; 32 MB RAM; 35 MB hard disk space; 640 X 480, thousands of colors display; CD-ROM drive for installation; Mappable Network Volume (Network version only).