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Mayhew L. Lake / Kevin R. Tam - Freedom Band Press

Mayhew L. Lake / Kevin R. Tam - Freedom Band Press
Publisher Desc.  The import and magnitude of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition was of a scale not seen before, and rarely since. In creating his musical fantasia on a day of the Panama Pacific Exposition, Mayhew Lake drew upon the sights, sounds, and music that he experienced. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Panama Pacific Exposition and the music that was written for and about the event, it is helpful to be mindful of the vast energy and excitement generated by the fair and the impact of the event on all who experienced it.A synopsis of the events M.L. Lake portrays in this musical fantasia is: "Sunrise at the Golden Gate," "Crowds arriving at the fairgrounds," "The Midway" (introducing the Afro-American band, Oriental Ballyhoo, and Little German Band), "Congress of Nations in Passing Review" (introducing the air of several principal nations as the Bands would sound passing a reviewing stand), "The Welsh Elsteddfod," "Turkish Band," "The Panama Exposition Orchestra," "Sunset at the Golden Gate" (during which the Sun Gun from the Presidio is heard, accompanied by the distant bugle call), and "Chimes in the distance."
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