(A Holiday Spectacular)
Teresa & Paul Jennings - Plank Road Publishing

This joyous Christmas/holiday revue captures the spirit of the holiday in a way that will make it a wondrous experience for students and family members alike! It explores America's celebration of Christmas from the settlers to today, and from traditional carols to rock and rap. It also looks at how various groups in our cultural mix celebrate with their own traditions. Featuring eight carefully arranged unison/2-part songs and designed so you can customize it by adding other songs that your children are learning, this musical is scripted so that you can perform it as either a secular or more sacred presentation. The teacher's handbook contains all of the songs with playable piano accompaniments as well as a full script and detailed performance suggestions, as well as illustrated suggestions for props, scenery and costumes, and also suggestions for ways to perform the work simply, with less preparation time. The performance kit includes the teacher's handbook, the professionally recorded CD, and 1 Reproducible Students Edition.)  20-40 minutes.