Washington Winds - C L Barnhouse Company

The Stars and Stripe Forever (Sousa/Brion & Schissel), Rushmore (Reed), America Exultant(Fillmore/Glover), Broad Stripes and Bright Stars(Longfield), Gallant Marines (King/Swearingen), An American Celebration(Neeck), Chimes of Liberty(Goldman/Schissel), America the Beautiful(arr.Swearingen), Rough Riders (King/Swearingen), Lest We Forget (Swearingen), Semper Fidelis (Sousa/Brion & Schissel), Within These Hallowed Walls (Swearingen), Salute to the Colors(Anthony-King/arr.Glover), Coast Guards (King/Swearingen), Fugue on Yankee Doodle(Sousa/Brion &Schissel), Torch of Liberty (King/Swearingen), God Shed His Grace on Thee (Glover), National Emblem(Bagley/Schissel), Voices of America (Williams), Liberty Bell(Sousa/Brion & Schissel), The Star-Spangled Banner(arr. Swearingen)