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(Level 4)
James Bastien - Neil A Kjos Music Co

(Level 4)
James Bastien - Neil A Kjos Music Co
, Level 4 completes Bastien Piano Basics. Students play at the intermediate level throughout, and by the end have followed the gradual multi-key approach through all twelve keys. Parallel major and minor scales and the keys and scales of Gb, Bb, B and E Minor are covered. New technical and theoretical concepts are presented including overlapping pedal technique, dotted eighth and sixteenth notes, augmented and diminished triads, syncopation, and sonatina form. The final pages offer important resources including one page devoted to the circle of fifths, another offering a chord dictionary of all triads and dominant seventh chords on all 12 tones, and several pages of the major and harmonic minor scales in one octave with cadences.
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