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(Blueprint for the Exceptional Choral Program)
Stan McGill & Elizabeth Volk - Hal Leonard Corporation

(Blueprint for the Exceptional Choral Program)
Stan McGill & Elizabeth Volk - Hal Leonard Corporation
This practical resource offers a wealth of information about how to run a successful choral program. The authors are two veteran teachers who give helpful advice on dozens of issues facing the choral director. Introduced by Paul Salamunovich, the book includes a CD-ROM of bonus material and eleven chapters:
  1. Get Ready... The calendar for the year, the choir handbook
  2. Get Set... Preparing for class, rehearsal structure and techniques, selecting literature, blueprint for teaching choral literature, effective classroom management
  3. Go! Conducting do's and don'ts, memorization, contests and festivals, programming themes and variations, enrichment opportunities for students, "The Blessing of Added Extras," identifying prospective audiences
  4. After All, They Do Call You a Teacher! Grading policies, paperwork, teaching sight-reading and music literacy
  5. Taking Care of Business: Copyright law, the art of the interview, teacher observations and evaluations, professional resources
  6. How to Get Along and Play Well with Others: Building your support system, recruitment and retention of choir students, effective publicity and public relations
  7. How to Do Stuff: Fund-raising, uniforms, music library organization and maintenance
  8. How to Keep the Tail from Wagging the Dog: Show, pop, jazz and swing choirs, chamber singers and madrigal groups
  9. Who Says Choir Is Boring? Choir traditions, fun and games, trips, tours, parties and banquets
  10. All the Rest That's Fit to Print... Topics overlooked in MusEd 101, the great miscellany of it all
  11. Vaulting Into the Big Leagues... VIPs of the profession, "You are cordially invited...", international travel epilogue, table of contents for CD appendix, index This is a fascinating read for every choral director, at a bargain price!
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