(Books 1-6)
Wynn-Anne Rossi - Alfred Music Publishing

This wonderful series is a step-by-step guide that teaches students how to compose.  Book 1 is written at the early elementary level and introduces students to the art of original composition. It features the following composition tools:  range, damper pedal, dynamics, tempo, melody, harmony, repeated patterns, conversations, meter, and grand staff.  Book 2 is written at the elementary level. It features the following:  melodic shaping, phrasing, octave displacement, accidentals, major chords, minor chords, articulation, tempo changes, motif, and form.  Book 3 is written at the late elementary level. It features the following: eighth notes, syncopation, sequences, phrasing, crescendo and diminuendo, musical high point, primary chords, pandiatonicism, upbeats and downbeats, and song lyrics.