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Joan Frey Boytim - Hal Leonard Corporation

Joan Frey Boytim - Hal Leonard Corporation
24 songs chosen not only for the vocal ability of pre-teens and young teens, but also for the tastes and sensibilities of this age group. All songs are in English. Contents: An April Girl (Fairlamb), Boats of Mine (Miller), Care Flies from the Lad That Is Merry (Arne), Daddy's Sweetheart (Lehmann), Does He Love Me or Love Me Not? (Sterling), The Fairy Pipers (Brewer), Four and Twenty Snowflakes (Stickles), Heigh-Ho! The Sunshine (Phillips), Her Dream (Waller), Ho! Mr. Piper (Curran), Kitty of Coleraine (Irish), The Leaves and the Wind (Leoni), The Linnet's Secret (Rowley), Little Maid of Arcadee (Sullivan), The Minuet (Mosenthal), Molly Malone (Irish), My Daffodils (Berwald), Nursery Rhymes (Curran), The Secret (Speaks), 'Tis Spring (Ware), To My First Love (Lohr), Violets (Woodman), The Wind (Spross), You'd Better Ask Me(Lohr).
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Full Song List
  • An April Girl by J. Remington Fairlamb
  • Boats of Mine by Anne Stratton Miller
  • Care Flies from the Lad That Is Merry by Michael Arne
  • Daddy's Sweetheart by Liza Lehmann
  • Does He Love Me, or Love Me Not? by Andrew Sterling
  • The Fairy Pipers by A. Herbert Brewer
  • Four and Twenty Snowflakes by William Stickles
  • Heigh-Ho! The Sunshine by Montague F. Phillips
  • Her Dream by Frank Waller
  • Ho! Mr. Piper by Pearl G. Curran
  • Kitty of Coleraine by arr. Joan Frey Boytim
  • The Leaves and the Wind by Franco Leoni
  • The Linnet's Secret by Alec Rowley
  • Little Maid of Arcadee by Arthur Sullivan
  • The Minuet by Joseph Mosenthal
  • Molly Malone by Irish Folksong
  • My Daffodils by W. Berwald
  • Nursery Rhymes by Pearl G. Curran
  • The Secret by Oley Speaks
  • 'Tis Spring by Harriet Ware
  • To My First Love by Hermann Lohr
  • Violets by R. Huntington Woodman
  • The Wind by Charles Gilbert Spross
  • You'd Better Ask Me by Hermann Lohr