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DETHKLOK - Alfred Music Publishing

DETHKLOK - Alfred Music Publishing
Publisher Desc.  With songs selected by live Dethklok bassist Bryan Beller, this long-awaited collection features the best songs for bass from the Dethalbum and Dethalbum II. Bonus features include The Duncan Hills Coffee Jinglelive-performance transcriptions of Deththeme; Thunderhorse; Murmaiderand Black Fire Upon Usas well as an introduction by Brendon Small and Bryan Beller about the demands of playing Dethklok live vs. in the studio. Titles: Birthday Dethday; Black Fire Upon Us; Bloodlines; Bloodrocuted; Briefcase Full of Guts; Burn the Earth; Dethsupport; Deththeme; Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle; The Gears; Go Forth and Die; Hatredcopter; Laser Cannon Deth Sentence; Murmaider;and Thunderhorse.
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Bass guitar Book with tablature 

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Full Song List
  • Dethsupport
  • The Gears
  • Burn the Earth
  • Bloodtrocuted
  • Murmaider
  • Hatredcopter
  • Bloodlines
  • Deththeme
  • Thunderhorse
  • Briefcase Full of Guts
  • Birthday Dethday
  • Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
  • Black Fire Upon Us
  • Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle