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(Piano/Staff (w/ ledger lines))
E-Z Notes - E-Z Notes

(Piano/Staff (w/ ledger lines))
E-Z Notes - E-Z Notes
The E-Z Notes magnetic music board is an effective learning tool that is fun for students and flexible for teachers.  Because the magnets representing notes are so quickly and conveniently rearranged to suit the specific needs of the teacher, the board is easily adaptable to any of a vast array of teaching methods available today.  The board aids in improving music reading skills, enriching the understanding of music theory, and advancing a student's ability to sightread.  The E-Z Notes Kit includes a 9" x 12" two-sided metal board with a sturdy plastic frame; 10 black magnetic notes; eight red magnetic notes (for sharps); eight blue magnetic notes (for flats); a dry-erasable marker pen; a cloth eraser and an illustrated booklet with tips and ideas.  The first side of the Piano/Staff (with ledger lines) Board has a grand staff filling most of the area and a two-octave (plus 4 notes) keyboard at the top.  The second side has a grand staff (not including clefs) with dashed ledger lines above and below the staff.  Both the dry-erasable marker and magnetic notes may be used to instruct and demonstrate the placement of notes and clefs.
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