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Dave LaRue - Alfred Music Publishing

Dave LaRue - Alfred Music Publishing
Dave LaRue is one of today's leading bassists, recording and touring with the "Steve Morse Band" and "Dixie Dregs" for nearly 20 years. In this DVD, Dave gets viewers started with warm-ups, stretching, and arpeggio fingering exercises.  He lets loose with some of his hip funk lines using hammer-ons, slapped, popped, and ghost notes and a complete lesson of modes.  In addition, he demonstrates how to use rhythmic variations and polyphonic ideas to expand soloing techniques.  Follow along at home with note-for-note transcription of each exercise, in both standard notation and TAB, using the printable PDF companion booklet included.  Bonus features include a lesson from Victor Wooten and a performance by Jaco Pastorius and John Scofield.
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