Washington Winds - C L Barnhouse Company

Publisher Desc. 

America Exultant (Fillmore/ar. Glover); The Big Cage (King/arr. Glover); Burma Patrol (King/arr. Swearingen); The Center Ring (King/arr. Glover); E Pluribus Unum (Jewell/arr. Glover); Free World (King/arr. Swearingen); High and Mighty (Jewell/arr. Glover); Miss Liberty (King/arr. Swearingen); Mt. Healthy (Fillmore/arr. Shaffer); Old Glory Triumphant (Duble/arr. Glover); Olympia Hippodrome (Alexander/arr. Glover); On the Square (Panella/arr. Schissel); Our Director (Bigelow/arr. Swearingen); Peace Jubilee (King/arr. Swearingen); Peacemaker (King/arr. Swearingen); Repasz Band (Lincoln/arr. Glover); Ringling Brothers Grand Entry (Sweet/arr. Glover); Salute to the Colors (Anthony-King/arr. Glover); Shield of Liberty (J. J. Richards/arr. Glover); Slim Trombone (Fillmore/arr. Shaffer); They're Off! (Jewell/arr. Glover); True Blue (King/arr. Swearingen).