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Kirk Franklin - Brentwood-Benson Publishing

Kirk Franklin - Brentwood-Benson Publishing
This songbook features 15 songs from Kirk's award-winning album, Hello Fear, including: Hello Fear; The Story of Fear; Before I Die; I Am; But the Blood; Everyone Hurts; I Smile; Give Me; Never Alone Interlude; The Alter; Something About the Name Jesus Pt. 2; Today; The Moment #1; The Moment #2 and A God Like You.
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Full Song List
  • Hello Fear
  • The Story of Fear
  • Before I Die
  • I Am
  • But the Blood
  • Everyone Hurts
  • I Smile
  • Give Me
  • Never Alone Interlude
  • The Altar
  • Something About the Name of Jesus #2
  • Today
  • The Moment #1
  • The Moment #2
  • A God Like You