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Christine Bemko Kril - Kapok Press

Christine Bemko Kril - Kapok Press
This beginning method book is well-suited for very young children or slow learners at the piano. All the songs are well-known nursery rhymes and the notation consists of color-coded letter names, A through G. Beginners learn key names, Italian music terms, fingering, music basics, patterns in music and simple composition. Each song is only a few measures long, ensuring success. The spiral-bound Piano Book includes a keyboard chart and music CD of songs for singing and movement activities. The colorful water-color artwork is strikingly beautiful and descriptive of the nursery rhymes. The supplemental Duets book contains accompaniments to each song in the Piano Book. The Teacher's Guide includes lesson plans, parent sheets and coloring pages for the student and is designed for private lessons or for small groups of two to four children. The Explorer's Guide contains 20 homework lessons for the parent and child to do between lessons with the teacher. This method has been found to be especially effective with children who have trouble with more traditional methods.
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