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E.L. Lancaster & Victoria McArthur - Alfred Music Publishing

E.L. Lancaster & Victoria McArthur - Alfred Music Publishing
This one-of-a-kind method is perfect for anyone returning to piano study after a long hiatus and for those who want to get right back to it and play real repertoire right away. The preliminary pages of the core Book and CD provide a catchy review of note reading, rhythm, and other basic musical concepts. The "What Do You Remember?" section helps the returning adult student determine where to begin. Each unit contains 6 different selections: a classical arrangement of a familiar classical theme; a familiar classical masterwork in its original form; a familiar traditional favorite; a popular rock song or ballad; a jazz, boogie, blues or ragtime piece; and exercises to aid with developing technical facility. "Just the Facts" boxes at the top of each piece give handy and pertinent practice and performing tips. I Used to Play Piano is sure to delight and encourage any adult who is returning to the piano! The supplemental hits books will appeal to pianists of all ages.
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