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Joe Dalton - Hal Leonard Corporation

Joe Dalton - Hal Leonard Corporation
Some call it country guitar with a dash of rock, blues and jazz. Others call it modern Nashville-style guitar. In this instructional DVD it's "Big Twang," and no one's better qualified to help you get a grip on the style than Joe Dalton. In this DVD, you will work through a wide variety of rhythm and soloing parts across five distinct Big Twang grooves that Dalton has prepared to illustrate the diversity of the style. Key lessons include mastering the many different attacks required with the picking hand along with the essential "touches" required from the fretting hand. As you work with the material, Dalton will cover hybrid picking, chicken-picking, pull-offs, hammer-ons, double-stops, pedal-steel emulation, ending, slides, pluck 'n cluck, staccato and legato effects, tips for crafting a good solo, syncopation, vibrato, and tons of other tricks of the twang trade.
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