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(Book & 4 DVD Set)
Merrilee Webb - Reading Keyboard Music

(Book & 4 DVD Set)
Merrilee Webb - Reading Keyboard Music
If you're an adult who wants to learn to play the piano and read music, this teach-yourself method may be just for you.  It takes a nontraditional approach to note-reading and is highly effective.  Included is an 80-page book and four DVDs covering the 16-week course.  Merrilee Webb is the master teacher and she's loads of fun!  She'll put you at ease and give you the confidence and motivation to continue.  You'll get to know the students in her group class and feel like you're one of the gang.  Merrilee starts at the very beginning and with some practice, you'll progress to the intermediate level in just 16 weeks.  "Learning to Play" is based on a method by C. W. Reid, former chairman of the music department at Brigham Young University.  His highly-effective and unconventional method teaches note reading in a way that doesn't require learning letter names of notes at first.  It has been proven with thousands of students.  Give it a try!  It works and is loads of fun!
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Book & 4 DVD Set 

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