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Georgiana Stewart - Kimbo Educational

Georgiana Stewart - Kimbo Educational
Authentic folk tunes and songs from around the world set the stage for easy rhythm stick activities. Routines are set to music from Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Russia, Japan, India, West Africa, China, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Germany and more.
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Full Song List
  • Puerto Rico Ambos A Dos
  • Caribbean Calypso
  • Ireland Piper Piper
  • Israel Zum Gali Gali
  • Greece Children's Song
  • Germany Hansel & Gretel Polka
  • Spain Espana Cani
  • Australia Waltzing Matilda
  • India Daysie
  • Puerto Rico
  • Caribbean
  • Israel
  • West Africa Kourilengay
  • Mexico La Cucaracha
  • China Ahow Ha Mo
  • Japan Haru Ga Kita
  • Italy Tarantella
  • Russian Trepak Nutcracker
  • Brazil Tico Tico
  • France Alouette
  • Vietnam Chu Ech On
  • Italy
  • Russia