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Maurice Hinson - Alfred Music Publishing

Maurice Hinson - Alfred Music Publishing
In this attractive video-lecture for piano teachers and performers, Dr. Maurice Hinson explores the intriguing composers, pianistic techniques, musical characteristics and repertoire from this appealing genre. The DVD is organized in four convenient parts for ease of repeated viewing and cueing. In Part One, Dr. Hinson discusses how Impressionistic painters, symbolist poets, and composers such as Chopin, Liszt and Grieg set the stage for Debussy and other composers of the day to begin exploring new compositional techniques. Part Two focuses on exercises for controlling pianissimo dynamic markings commonly found in Impressionistic piano music, as well as applicable pedaling techniques. In Part Three, Dr. Hinson discusses specific musical characteristics that Impressionistic composers incorporated into their music, such as ancient plain song, the whole-tone scale, the pentatonic scale and more. Part Four concludes with detailed discussions on Debussy's Reverie, and selected portions of Clair de lune, Footprints in the Snow and The Sunken Cathedral. Approximate running time: 66 minutes.
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