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E. L. Lancaster & Kenon D. Renfrow - Alfred Music Publishing

E. L. Lancaster & Kenon D. Renfrow - Alfred Music Publishing
, Piano 101 is an exciting group course for adults, with little or no keyboard experience, who want to play piano for fun. It's a comprehensive approach to functional musicianship at the keyboard that includes repertoire, theory, technique, sight-reading, harmonization from lead sheets, ear training and ensembles. Great for college non-music majors, continuing education classes, even private piano lessons. Students start slowly by tapping rhythms, playing simple tunes on groups of black keys, playing pre-staff-reading tunes on the white keys, and finally learning to read from the grand staff in middle C position and then C Major position. Supportive teacher accompaniments are found throughout. The accompanying CDs and General MIDI Disks come in packets of six and are musically interesting, highly motivating, and range from simple drum patterns to full orchestrations.
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