(Circus Marches)
Frederick Fennell and the Eastman Wind Ensemble - Universal/Polygram

 Contains: Heed-In Storm And Sunshine; Allen-Whip And Spur; King-Invictus; The Big Cage; Robinson's Grand Entree; Circus Days; Fillmore-Bones Trombone; The Circus Bee; Rolling Thunder; Americans We Huffine-Them Basses; Jewell-The Screamer; Fucik-Thunder And Blazes; Farrar-Bombasto; Huff-The Squealer; Ribble-Bennett's Triumphal; Duble-Bravura;Goldman-Bugles And Drum; Illinois March; Children's March; The Interlochen Bowl; Onward-Upward; Boy Scouts Of America; Hall-Officer Of The Day; Seitz-March Grandioso; Reeves-Second Regiment, Connecticut; National Guard March; Alford-The Mad Major; Rodgers-Guadalcanal March.