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Carl Linich, Clayton Parr - Hal Leonard Corporation

Carl Linich, Clayton Parr - Hal Leonard Corporation
Publisher Desc.  Traditional choirs, folk ensembles or any other group of singers will enjoy this collection of songs from the Republic of Georgia selected, notated and recorded by Clayton Parr and Carl Linich. Like folk songs from the rest of the world, Georgian songs are traditionally connected with events of daily life - work songs, laments, lullabies, songs about historical events or figures, ritual songs, healing songs, traveling songs, comic songs, and dance songs. Table songs are a particularly important genre, and the tradition of the supra (ritual banquet), with elaborate toasts and songs, occupies a central position in Georgian traditional culture. Traditionally, these songs are in three polyphonic voice parts, and the authors have provided many pedagogical tools for learning: recordings, pronunciation guides, lyric sheets, song backgrounds and recordings. Includes 18 songs, CD includes song demos, Part-Learning tracks available online.
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