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Various Composers - Tapspace Publications

Various Composers - Tapspace Publications

A blue book is a booklet used by college students to answer test questions or write essays. The Blue Book is designed to provide music suitable for contest, audition, technique development, and just plain drumming fun! In a sense, these solos may serve as a test of your rudimental drumming skills. The Blue Book includes over 40 solos in a wide variety of rudimental styles ranging from beginning to extremely advanced. This collection contains rudimental snare solos, tenor solos, and bass drum ensemble pieces that will provide musically enriching material while developing technical proficiency.

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Percussion Solo Collection Rudimental Solos

    Publisher ID: TSPB-20
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Full Song List
  • Hot Sticks by Brad Meyer
  • The Parliamentarian by Gary Rudolph
  • Midnight Barking by Andy Salmon
  • Flampickin' by Ralph Hicks
  • Diddle Dimensions by James Campbell
  • Blue Blood by Ian Murphy
  • 'Sget Some Scoops by Rob Parks
  • Boogie Down by James Campbell
  • Fear by David Ratliff
  • Wizard Sticks by Jon McMahan
  • Aylesford Tonight! by Ellis Hampton
  • Sound Off by Eric Willie
  • Funkhouser by Joshua D. Smith
  • Engine by Mark Hunter
  • Penmoken by Brian S. Mason
  • 7 Days & 7 Nights by James Corcoran
  • Flamenco Dances by Glenn Kotche
  • Guido's Birthday by Scott McCoy
  • Snare Con Queso by John Willmarth
  • Shockwave by Scott Kretzer
  • Casey Claw by Mark Casey
  • Boulden by Brad Meyer
  • The Best In Your Price Range by Rob Parks
  • The Tenor Wall by Gary Rudolph
  • Check Your Sticks by Eric Willie
  • Midnight Barking by Andy Salmon
  • Sca-Fa by Ian Murphy
  • Moose Tash by John Willmarth
  • Slug Guts by Joshua Dekaney
  • Gadd's Groove by Andy Salmon
  • Bus Bowl by Brian Flack
  • Floatmeal by Mark Hunter
  • Singletary Strut by Rob Parks
  • The Inner Sanctum by John Willmarth
  • That's One in a Row by David Ratliff
  • Full Court Press by Doug Steinmetz
  • Holmes Slice by Aaron Dale
  • Enough About Me, Let's Talk More About Me by Eric Willie
  • Common Wealth by Doug Steinmetz
  • Tolly-Ho by Aaron Dale
  • Gunga La Gunga by Rob Parks
  • Metzo Matzo by Mark Hunter