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Pavel Chesnokov - Musica Russica

Pavel Chesnokov - Musica Russica
This first-ever published translation of Pavel Chesnokov's pioneering treatise on choral conducting conveys Chesnokov's text in fluent and readable English. A valuable teaching guide for choral musicians today, the book also offers a window into the inspiring history of performance practice in the legendary Russian choral tradition of the early twentieth century. Defining his ideal a cappella choir, Chesnokov describes in extraordinary detail three broad areas: ensemble, intonation, and nuance. In the original author's preface, Chesnokov states: "Such an ensemble, made up exclusively of human voices, is capable of conveying the subtlest shifts of emotion in a given piece of music." The reader will learn the steps a conductor must take to achieve true choral artistry through analysis and mastery of the score, a systematic approach to rehearsal technique, meaningful conducting gestures, and inspired communication and leadership.
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