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Steve Zegree - Heritage Music Press

Steve Zegree - Heritage Music Press
Are you thinking of starting your own vocal jazz group, or bringing some characteristic jazz charts into your choir program? Make sure you check out this indispensable book by Steve Zegree.  It will get you started on the right foot, and keep you swinging along each step of the way. Savvy with a strong dose of humor, Steve covers all the bases from the beginning; jazz traditions, styles, theory, improvisation, rehearsal techniques, solo singing, PA systems and staging. 27 recorded samples are included on the CD and a glossary will keep you hip on the difference between "riffs" and "licks." Use the discography to begin your own CD collection.  It's a virtual "who's who" of jazz artists from the last 100 years.  For the seasoned professional or the raw beginner, this book is a superb resource that you'll read again and again.
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