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(Books 1 & 2)
Carol Matz - FJH Music Company Inc

(Books 1 & 2)
Carol Matz - FJH Music Company Inc
, These comprehensive, traditional note spellers are designed to increase confidence in students' note-reading abilities. A perfect supplement to any method, these outstanding books are suitable for piano students of all ages, including adult students. The exercises in Book 1 thoroughly cover notes on the staff (from F below the bass staff to G above the treble staff); duration names for notes and rests (whole, half, quarter, eighth); sharps, flats, and naturals; grand staff symbols including clef signs; and drawing up stems and down stems. Book 2 covers inner and outer ledger line notes, note spelling with key signatures (G Major, F Major, D Major, A Major), accidentals, and enharmonic notes.
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UPC: 6540321294     Publisher ID: FF1159
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