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Various Composers - Sher Music Company

Various Composers - Sher Music Company

Here is a huge collection of Afro-Cuban classics, Brazilian music and Latin jazz tunes many of which have never before been in print! This exceptional collection is presented in the "Real Easy" format with the tune on one page and the educational material on each facing page. This is really two books in one with Part 1 being easier tunes for High School or Middle School ensembles. Part 2 is comprised of more challenging tunes for collegiate or professional use. Like other Real Easy Books, the instructional material tailored for each song includes: Scales for Soloing, Piano Voicings, Guitar Voicings, Sample Bass Parts, and more. When needed, there are separate rhythm section charts and/or horn harmony charts to help groups play authentic-sounding versions of the tunes. Especially appealing is a Rhythm Section Appendix presenting a complete overview of all the major Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music styles with sample parts for each player. No prior experience with Latin music is necessary to start having fun. Expand your students' repertoire with the vibrant, life-affirming sounds of Latin music! 275 pages, spiral bound.

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