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Charles-Louis Hanon/ed. Small - Alfred Music Publishing

Charles-Louis Hanon/ed. Small - Alfred Music Publishing
, The Hanon exercises have become a staple for developing piano technique.  Book 1 is Part 1 and includes exercises 1 - 20: early intermediate to intermediate-level preparatory exercises to acquire speed, precision, agility and strength in the fingers of both hands as well as flexibility of the wrists.  A General MIDI disk is available for Book 1, which includes a full piano recording and background accompaniment. Book 2 is Part 2 and consists of exercises 21 - 43 at the intermediate to early advanced level: further exercises for the development of a virtuoso technique.  The Complete volume includes Parts 1 through 3. Part 3 consists of exercises 44 - 60: virtuoso exercises for mastering the greatest technical difficulties. The Complete volume is offered spiral bound, useful for keeping this large volume open on the piano rack.
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