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Various Composers - Hal Leonard Corporation

Various Composers - Hal Leonard Corporation
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  • A La Nanita Nana ( Hear Lullabies and Sleep Now) by Spain
  • Ach Du Lieber Augustin ( O My Dearest Augustine) by Germany
  • Adios Muchachos by Argentina
  • African Noel by Liberia
  • Ah, Poor Bird by America
  • Aija, Anzit, Aija (Lullaby) by Latvia
  • All Through the Night by Wales
  • Aloha Oe by America
  • Alouette by France
  • Au Claire de la Lune by France
  • Ballad of Ned Kelly by Australia
  • The Bamboo Flute by China
  • The Banana Boat Song by Jamaica
  • The Banks of the Don by England
  • The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle by Ireland
  • The Blue Bells of Scotland by Scotland
  • Boil Them Cabbage Down by America
  • Botany Bay by Australia
  • Bow and Balance by America
  • Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella by France
  • Carnival of Venice by Italy
  • Carol of the Bagpipers by Sicily
  • Chiapanecas by Mexico
  • Choucoune by Haiti
  • Cielito Lindo ( My Pretty Darling) by Mexico
  • Cirandeiro by Brazil
  • Clair de Lune by France
  • Cockles and Mussels ( Molly Malone) by Ireland
  • Dandansoy by Phillippines
  • Danny Boy by Ireland
  • Dark Eyes by Russia
  • Down in the Valley by America
  • Dry Weather Houses by Jamaica
  • Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (You, You Weigh on My Heart) by Germany
  • Duerme Mi Nino Pequenito ( Sleep , My Baby, Precious Darling) by Colombia
  • Duermete Nino Chiquito (Go to Sleep, My Little Baby) by Venezuela
  • Ferryland Sealer by Canada
  • Finnegan's Wake by Ireland
  • Flowers of Joy by Sweden
  • Frere Jacques ( Are You Sleeping?) by France
  • Funiculi, Funicula by Italy
  • Gabi, Gabi by South Africa
  • Greensleeves by England
  • Guantanamera by Cuba
  • Hatikvah ( With Hope) by Israel
  • Hava Nagilah ( Let's Be Happy) by Israel
  • Hoe Laat Is't? ( What Time Is It?) by Netherlands
  • The Huron Carol by Canada
  • I's the B'y by Newfoundland
  • I've Been Working on the Railroad by America
  • Il Bacio ( The Kiss) by Italy
  • Impuku Nekati ( The Mouse and the Cat) by Africa
  • Iroquois Lullaby by Canada
  • Italian Street Song by Italy
  • Jamaica Farewell by Jamaica
  • Jeg Lagde Mig Saa Silde ( I Laid Me Down to rest) by Norway
  • The Keel Row by England
  • Kehto Laula ( Cradle Song) by Finland
  • Komoriuta ( Lullaby) by Japan
  • Krakowiak ( Darling Maiden, Hark , I Ask Thee) by Poland
  • Kum Ba Yah by Congo
  • La Cucaracha by Mexico
  • Little Sandy Girl by Tobago
  • Magasan Repul a Daru ( Hungaria's Treasure) by Hungary
  • Maquerule by Columbia
  • Marianne by France
  • Matilda by Jamaica
  • Mexican Hat Dance ( Jarabe Topatio) by Mexico
  • Mi Caballo Blanco ( My White Horse) by Chile
  • Nassau Bound by Bahamas
  • Ning Wendete by Kenya
  • Nona Manis by Indonesia
  • Norwegian Dance by Norway
  • The Overlander ( The Queensland Drover) by Australia
  • Paruparong Bukid ( The Butterfly Field) by Phillipines
  • Pat-a-Pan ( Willie, Take Your Little Drum) by France
  • Pete, Pete by Africa
  • Pjesma ( Come, My Dearest) by Serbia
  • Ra Si'La Miele ( Grind the Meal) by Africa
  • Rasa Sayang Eh ( Oh, to Be in Love) by Malaysia
  • Rio, Rio by Chile
  • Rivers of Babylon by Jamaica
  • Rocking by Czechoslovakia
  • Rosa by Belgium
  • Rouxinol Do Pico Preto ( Nightingale with the Dark beak) by Brazil
  • Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) by Japan
  • Shalom Chaverim ( Shalom Friends) by Israel
  • Shining Moon by Thailand
  • Singabahambayo ( An Army is Marching) by Africa
  • Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door by America
  • Song of the Volga Boatman by Russia
  • Sospan Vach ( The Little Saucepan) by Wales
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by America
  • Swiss Air by Switzerland
  • This Little Light of Mine by America
  • This Old Hammer by America
  • The Three Ravens by England
  • Thula Thu' ( Hush, Hush) by Africa
  • Tutira Mai by New Zealand
  • Un Lorito De Verapaz by Guatemala
  • We Gather Together by Netherlands
  • Zum Gali Gali by Israel

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