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The app that lets you learn your part, on your own.

What is Choral Master?

Choral Master is a multitrack playback engine with a scrolling notation display. In addition to isolating or removing a vocal part, you can easily loop sections, slow down difficult parts and record your own performance into the arrangement.

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How it Works

Choral Master® is an engaging, interactive music learning tool built especially for choir students. Voice parts are split into separate recording tracks so students can easily raise or lower the volume of their individual part, the other voices or the accompaniment.
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Slow down or loop difficult sections in your part and practice until you can sing it perfectly.

Simulate singing with the entire ensemble or isolate your own part to ensure the best practice possible.

And Choral Master lets you record yourself and listen to make sure you have it right. You can even send a recording to your conductor for review outside of rehearsal.

Choral Master is currently available for the iOS 6 and higher for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac OS X and Windows desktop. Coming soon for Android!

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It is important to understand that this app only plays specially formatted songs called "Choral Master Tracks." Register for your free account with J.W. Pepper. Not only will you have access to tons of songs, but any song purchases you make can be downloaded to other Choral Master-Compatible devices. Plus, you get the Pepper exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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What Choir directors are saying about Choral Master

"This app has the potential to revolutionize the way students practice outside the choral rehearsal. It can increase a student's quality contact time with the music, accurately assist them with problem areas, and with the record and email feature, provide the director with a valuable method of assessing a student's progress."

Tom Sabatino, Music Educator
Wilmington, Delaware

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