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New Classroom Resources for 2017 (89)

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Folksong Partners Around the World
Mary Donnelly & George Strid
Ready Set Go Orff!
Cristi Cary Miller & Kathlyn Reynolds
Feelin' Good
Jill & Michael Gallina
Ice Breakers 3
Valerie Lippoldt Mack & Matthew Udland
Arctic Animal Antics
Jill and Michael Gallina
Rhythm Rescue
Lynn M. Brinckmeyer
Rock Around the '50s
Roger Emerson and John Jacobson
Strum It Up
Sandy Lantz & Gretchen Wahlberg
Music for Dancers
Kerri Lynn Nichols
Brain Breaks
Mark Burrows
The Orff Anthology
(Best Lessons from the Legends of Orff-Schulwerk)
Shirley McRae, Jim Solomon, Don Dupont & Brian Hiller
Once Upon a Music Class
Valeaira Luppens & Greg Foreman
Songs and Chants Without Words
Edwin E. Gordon & Andrea Apostoli
Siku's Song
Julia Jordan Kamanda
Hungry to Learn
Teresa Jennings
Over in the Meadow
John M. Feierabend
JP's Sousaphone
(An Interactive Storybook About John Philip Sousa)
Andy Beck, Vanessa Christian & Maritza Mascarenhas Sadowsky
Rhythm Writer
Phyllis Thomas
The Lights of Jingle Bell Hill
John Jacobson & Mac Huff