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New H.W. Gray Sheet Music (6)
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Come, Let Us With Our Lord Arise Come, Let Us With Our Lord Arise
Howard Helvey - H W Gray

For Eastertide, Ascensiontide, or all year, Howard Helvey's new offering is based on the composer's own original hymn tune. The themes of love, light, outreach, mission and more are present in this lyrical... view details

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Hark Creation's Alleluia Hark Creation's Alleluia
Howard Helvey - H W Gray

An exquisite new offering from Howard Helvey! The text is general enough to be appropriate during most of the liturgical year, but the resurrection imagery makes the anthem especially suitable during... view details
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The King of Love My Shepherd Is The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Ryan Murphy - H W Gray

As a paraphrase of Psalm 23, the beloved text by Henry Williams Baker was chosen by Ryan Murphy because of its broad appeal across religious traditions. This piece is versatile and appropriate as an anthem... view details
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Psalm and Alleluia Psalm and Alleluia
Rene Clausen - H W Gray

Based on selected verses from Psalm 89, renowned composer Rene Clausen's newest creation is an expansive proclamation of praise. Careful choral layering and rich vocal harmonies come together to create a... view details
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Two Lenten Meditations Two Lenten Meditations
Eleanor Daley - H W Gray

These short a cappella meditations were written for specifically for Holy Week: On the Mount of Olives for Maundy Thursday and Behold, We Have Seen Him for Good Friday. They are SATB... view details

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We Know That God is Speaking We Know That God is Speaking
Kenneth Dake - H W Gray

From the choirmaster of New York City's Marble Collegiate Church comes an uplifting anthem of encouragement for communion or anytime which notes the many ways God speaks to His followers. Rich and... view details
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