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Hanukkah (Chanukah) Choral Music (20)
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Chanukah Song Chanukah Song (We Are Lights)
arr. Mac Huff - Hal Leonard Corporation

This lyrical, expressive original by Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz is a top choice for December concerts.  A beautiful accompaniment provides the perfect underlay for the universal message: "We are... view details
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Hanukkah Nagilah Hanukkah Nagilah
Linda Spevacek - Heritage Music Press

Don't miss this! Here's the recipe for the perfect Hanukkah selection: Begin with an original dynamic melody, partner it with the traditional Hebrew folksong Hava Nagilah, sprinkle in tambourine and... view details
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A Hanukkah Wish A Hanukkah Wish
Andy Beck - Alfred Music Publishing

How often do we find a warm ballad written especially for Hanukkah? No boom-chicks here, and no minor key either, just a tender heartfelt message of family and tradition. Incorporates a contemporary setting... view details

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Celebration of Light Celebration of Light
Joseph Martin - Hal Leonard Corporation

Energize your holiday program with this festive original Hanukkah celebration! Set in a vibrant minor key with optional violin and tambourine, it opens with voices in unison followed by a jubilant refrain and... view details
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A Hanukkah Remembrance A Hanukkah Remembrance
Victor C. Johnson - Heritage Music Press

The familiar Hebrew phrase Nes gadol haya sham ("A great miracle happened there") is intertwined with English lyrics in this sensitive, reflective original. Midway through the piece, a narrator briefly... view details
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Tum Balalaika Tum Balalaika
Lois Brownsey & Marti Lunn Lantz - Alfred Music Publishing

A reflective opening sets the stage for this lively klezmer-style setting in triple meter. Fun-to-sing Yiddish lyrics celebrate the balalaika, a musical instrument from Russia, while new English words honor... view details
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Hanukkah Tonight! Hanukkah Tonight!
Vicki Tucker Courtney - Alfred Music Publishing

Learn about the holiday and have fun singing this lively ditty, designed especially for two-part groups. No-fuss harmonies appear in the festive "lai, lai, lai" section and a long-tone countermelody... view details
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Nun Gimel Hei Shin Nun Gimel Hei Shin
Vicki Tucker Courtney - Alfred Music Publishing

Nun Gimel Hei Shin are the four letters of the Hebrew alphabet that appear on the dreidel. Together they form an acronym for the phrase, "A great miracle happened there." Separately, they determine a... view details
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Light a Little Candle Light a Little Candle
Mac Light - Shawnee Press

Easy and effective for young voices, this original is about the feelings of cheer, kindness, charity, friendship, hope, peace, prosperity and thankfulness represented by the candles of the Hanukkah menorah.... view details
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Hanukkah, the Season of Light Hanukkah, the Season of Light
Vicki Tucker Courtney - Shawnee Press

This expressive original concert work for Hanukkah is accompanied by piano, with optional cello. The poetic text reminds us of the meaning of this celebration and its history, and gives us the opportunity to... view details
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December Nights, December Lights December Nights, December Lights
Emily Crocker - Hal Leonard Corporation

Share the sights and sounds of December with this cheerful holiday original that will warm every heart! Easily learned for younger choirs in elementary and middle school. With flute.

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Three-Part Mixed 
MEMedium Easy
MEMedium Easy
Teaching P/A CD 
Hine Ma Tov Hine Ma Tov
arr. Lon Beery - Shawnee Press

Two popular Jewish folk songs are joined in this creative medley based on a poignant text, which speaks of dwelling together in unity and harmony. A cello part is provided for the TTB voicing, while a violin... view details
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Deedle Deedle Dai Deedle Deedle Dai (Hanukkah Is the Reason Why)
Lois Brownsey & Marti Lunn Lantz - Alfred Music Publishing

Here's an upbeat original with fun-filled verses about each of the eight nights and eight lights of the Hanukkah season. Two memorable partner melodies on "Lai lai lai" and "Deedle deedle dai" make up the... view details
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